Solar Credits and Rebate

Sunny days ahead

In South Australia, your potential earnings are calculated using the net metering system. Under this system, the current government scheme sets a rate of 44 or 16 cents* per kWh, for the first 45 kWh of solar power fed into the electricity grid each day, depending on your eligibility.

The Federal Government Solar Credits scheme , which subsidies the up front cost of a solar power system in South Australia, will drop from 1st July 2012. So hurry and enquire today.

Our dedicated Team will ensure that the system chosen and designed will suit your requirements; from extra educational benefit to displays and monitoring of system performance.

Solar Credits

Using the Solar Credits Scheme, occupants of the household may receive a point of sale discount off the cost of a Grid Connected solar power system.

You will receive Solar Credits for the first 1.5kw of capacity installed. For Example, for a 1.645kw system you may receive up to $2,400 and up to $4,225 for a 5.17kw system. Anything above 1.5kw you will still receive a one for one STC’s rate. As this scheme is based off the STCs price, which fluctuates from time to time, this amount may vary.

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South Australia Feed In Tariff

As of 30th September 2011 in South Australia any electricity that you export to the mains will be credited on your account at 16 cents. Some electricity retailers choose to add to the 16 cents. So it is definitely worth shopping around.

There are 2 ways that you can get discounts on your solar power system: Solar Credits and State Feed In Tariff’s.

Olympic Solar will organise and complete all the application forms for you, so you can relax knowing that you will get the best possible deal, without having to worry about the paperwork.