At Olympic Solar, we pride ourselves on focusing on the customer. We specifically tailor our solar panel services to each individual client. Each person’s or business requirements are unique, and that’s how we treat all our clients.


We tailor our solar solutions to each client’s needs. Pre-determined packages are restrictive and often don’t fill the need of individuals.

From the number of panels, type and quality of inverter, we will help you select what is best for you and within your budget.


Olympic Solar only has highly qualified and experienced installers. Rest assured that your solar panels will be installed promptly by installers with over 10 years industry experience – that’s a lot of experience in such a relatively young industry.


It is recommended that maintenance on your solar panel system be conducted twice a year to maintain the maximum efficiency of your panels Рespecially before the onset of winter.

Over time, solar panels become weathered and covered by dirt and grime. This reduces their ability to harness the sun’s power, especially in winter when the sun’s strength is at its lowest.

Your solar panels are cleaned using environmentally friendly cleaning methods. We will show you an efficiency reading from your solar panels before and after maintenance to show you just how effective cleaning is.

Keep your solar panel system working at its best.


We offer a complete 5 year workmanship warranty on all aspects of the installation. Furthermore, our high quality products come with their own warranties, ranging from 5 to 25 years.