Wattson Energy Monitor

Wattson Solar has all the elements you need to measure your electricity generation as well as your energy consumption.Wattson-Home-Energy-Monitor

Wattson Solar Plus is the only monitor that shows how much power you are generating and how much you are using together on the same display. The display shows the electricity in use in your home in Watts or Pounds. Wattson Solar Plus alerts you when you are generating more power than you are using by immediately glowing green. This means you can maximise the returns on your PV system by using the electricity you need when you are generating excess.

• Tracks and displays both energy produced and energy used in your home.

• Glows green when you generate more electricity than you use.

• Works with all solar, wind and water generation systems and all brands of inverters.

• Is simple to install and easy to use.

Product details


  • Portable wireless unit which allows instant reading of electricity use anywhere in the home within approx 30m of transmitter.
  • Shows how much each electrical appliance uses when you switch it on or off.
  • Prominent LED digital display shows electricity usage in £s or Watts, easily readable in all light conditions.
  • Contemporary designed display unit.
  • Coloured mood light, which breathes and pulses, changing colour when you alter how much electricity you use, cool blue for small amount of electricity being used, warning red for high energy consumption.
  • Change the tariff in line with your bills, currency shown in £, $ or €.
  • Contains an internal battery pack so you can take it round your home to see who’s using what.
  • Low power mode to extend display battery life.
  • 5W average power consumption, reduced to under 1W in low power mode.

Energy-use history

  • Electricity use information stored within Wattson’s internal memory, providing a detailed history of energy use.
  • Data viewed graphically using Holmes – Wattson’s own personal data sleuth program.
  • Software both PC and MAC compatible.
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly views of energy use.
  • Online community of Wattson users to compare hints and tips for saving energy.

Sensor details

  • An electrician required to clip the sensor to cables from your electricity meter.
  • Compatible with single and three phase electrical systems, for use in homes of all sizes as well as small business premises.
  • Sensor powered by 4 AA batteries (supplied).
  • Variable transmission frequency allows extension of battery life.

Renewable energy

  • Able to measure microgenerated electricity supplies such as Solar Cells or Wind Turbines, providing a greater understanding of net energy use.
  • Generated energy information shown on Wattson as generated energy, net consumption and total generated to date.
  • Both generated and consumed energy stored in Wattson’s internal memory.
  • All data can be viewed via Holmes – Wattson’s own personal data sleuth program.
  • Simple installation of extra sensor